Silver Spring Jazz Festival

Saturday, September 10, 2005
We had a great time this evening at the second annual Silver Spring Jazz Festival in downtown Silver Spring, MD. While we were there, they passed around a bucket a couple of times to collect money for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. It was an all-day festival, and it was awesome to hear that they had already collected $10,000 in donations throughout the day. They also mentioned that there are a number of survivors who were planning to stay in Montgomery County, MD -- and that some of them were in the audience tonight.

The concert was awesome. We got there in time to hear the Wynton Marsalis Quartet. The music was unbelievably sweet -- and spicy!

It was so amazing to see all the people leaning out of the parking garage to see and hear the show.

Here's a shot of the stage:

Finally, a shot I like to call "Moon over Silver Spring":

Enjoy y'all!


Bozoette said...

I'm glad it was great! (We missed it, of course -- just too much going on.)