A Zen garden for humans... a private haven for cats

Sunday, October 02, 2005
My husband had a secret... one he recently revealed to me. I'm now revealing it to you.

When he cleans the litter boxes, he somehow gets the surface so smooth you could see yourself in it -- if the substance were glass or water instead of cat litter. I asked him how he does it, but for a while he didn't tell me.

Then yesterday, when we were out shopping, he said, "I'll tell you my secret." Intrigued, I asked "What secret?" He replied, "How I get the litter so smooth."

We have a little two-part dustpan and brush set that we use for sweeping up after the cats have "done their duty." After removing the soiled bits, of course, my husband lightly flicks the flat edge of the dustpan across the litter several times, smoothing and leveling as he goes.

I tried it this morning and I discovered two advantages to the procedure. In addition to informing the human caretakers that a cat has entered his or her "private haven," it also provides a peaceful, Zen-like feeling as the caretaker rakes and tends the litter. All for much less than the cost of the little sand gardens you see in the holiday catalogs.

Just sharing the joy.


Network Marketing said...
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FARfetched said...

Those st00p1d spammers....

Anyway, on the rare occasions I do the box (it's Daughter Dearest's job), I usually drag the scoop back & forth across the litter to smooth it out. It works pretty well.

Bozoette said...

Your hubby has always been very Zen-ish.